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Sickmade Carbon

About the Process

Welcome to Sickmade Carbon, our exclusive collection by Unit 17. At Unit 17 we have been retailing carbon fiber and carrying out installations since 2015. Before setting up shop we were working on our own vehicles installing carbon styling parts so we have alot of experience in the trade that we are in, in the last 2 years we have devoted our time and effort into having our own custom parts manufactured, the first car that we actually scanned ourselves was a BMW M4 G82 on the same week the vehicle was launched in the UK, since then we have invested in molds in both vacuum wet carbon and dry pre preg carbon testing the differences between quality, fitment etc so that we can offer state of the art carbon fiber styling parts. Sickmade Carbon is not just another brand that retails carbon fiber styling parts, but is a statement that with ambition it doesn’t matter where you start from in life, if you put the effort into something, anything is possible.

About the Brand

The brand Sickmade was originally formed by UK artist Mist following his record label Sickmade Records. The reason why the word “Sickmade” has such a powerful meaning in itself is because it represents a story of how he turned his life around starting from nothing and coming from a life where even growing up in a first world country the chances of a successful career were limited to say the least. With the influence of his music, the term “Sickmade” has become widely recognised across the UK atleast . The trademark of Sickmade has since expanded into jewellery and garments making the term in itself a fashion statement whilst Mist continues to make records hitting millions of views. The first visit at Unit 17 by Mist was in his Mclaren 720s Launch Edition, the carbon styling parts he requested for his 720s were even unknown to Unit 17 after retailing carbon fiber for since 2015. We did manage to source Novitec carbon fiber styling parts but it also showed us his interest in auto styling parts. Mist has always been a petrolhead himself from a young age being into cars and motorbikes also hosting his own TV show on BBC called “Gassed Up” involving high octane driving challenges. When visiting Unit 17 he took a great interest in the development side of our exclusive line of products at Unit 17. After visiting our shop in a BMW X3M he also owns, we installed a full carbon aero pack which is from the range of exclusive parts that we retail and was impressed not only with the quality of parts but more about the process in how we have our exclusive parts made and was keen to put the trademark name to our product and become involved.

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