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We are UK’s leading innovative automotive fashion designer retailer based in the Midlands. We are widely recognised across UK for the service we provide and the quality of our parts. providing quality products for a wide range of cars, we specialise in supplying carbon fibre body styling. Being genuine car enthusiasts ourselves we thrive amongst our competitors because what we do is passion, we also supply and fit for customers along with working on our projects at the same time to stay up to date with the newest cars coming into the UK. If there is anything you don’t see on our page let us know and someone from the team will be willing to help as we have new stock arriving all the time.


At Unit 17 UK, we started as the UK's leading supplier of premium quality carbon fibre aftermarket vehicle styling parts. We have been retailing carbon fibre since 2016 although prior to us retailing our products we have been in the motor trade with 35 years of experience between our team, we regularly fitted carbon fibre to all of our own cars as it was our job styling a car before retailing it. We did many conversions and builds before that we became well known in our own town for modifying cars giving them a much more desirable look. Our work was recognized by many local car enthusiasts or just people that had upgraded their car and asked for help to give it that more appealing look they had seen on our own cars. By helping a few people the word soon spread and it became a day to day running business. This was when we took the step to join Instagram to share our work and reach out to a wider audience. We soon became well known for the quality of our carbon fibre and the standards of our work especially with our fitting service and the knowledge of cars between our team. We have been running as a business since 2016 and would like to think our main goal is the same as when we started, where we enjoy helping others, meeting fellow enthusiasts and people that share the same passion as us along with having the opportunity to work on some stunning cars. We give all our customers the opportunity to visit our workshop to have all our parts supplied and fitted. We understand it isn't physically possible for everyone to travel to us therefore we do also offer a postage service. What sets us apart is the detail and the process involved in offering parts that have been manufactured to precision using laser scanning to form parts that fit perfectly and carefully, the process in which the carbon is finished is also another reason that ensures we supply a very high grade of aftermarket parts, the process of our scanning can also be seen on some of the content on our Instagram where we scanned the new BMW M4 g82 just weeks after it was released and our reviews are online including many forums. The truth of our success in becoming well known in this market is our passion for motoring and the enthusiasm we share between us in modifying cars. A well known example of one, as many may already know is the M3 tourings that have been built at Unit 17. What makes these builds special is that we only use one BMW M3 F80 and a luxury BMW 3 series touring combining these together to make one of the most iconic touring performance cars ever made. The first touring build made at Unit 17 was completely stripped down first to have the rear quarters modified giving it that wider aggressiveness of the M3, the quarters were removed and modified and fitted once the vehicle was stripped completely to bare metal with no plastics rubbers or even a single screw left on the shell. After this was completed, the shell then had a full respray finished in Urban Green, a factory option for the BMW M3 but very rare to see on the road. Once this was completed it was time to start transferring the parts from the M3 into the touring starting with the running gear and shifting the S55 engine over into the touring with a few modifications made to the shell for the subframe to fit in the correct place. After that it was time to move onto the interior with a few extra modifications needed like the rear seats that are made for a saloon model only as the M3 can not be purchased from dealers in an estate model. By now the car was coming into shape with just the wheels on and being a complete M3 inside. Now it was time to start panelling and fitting the car up after all the external parts were painted. The BMW F81 was now ready for the road but we weren't finished with it. The last thing we wanted to make the car as it would come out of the factory was the issue with the tailgate. Because BMW M3's were made in a saloon model only and the complete wiring loom had been transferred over, the FEM now thought this was a manual tailgate, therefore the tailgate had to be coded into the correct modules with the correct wiring installed by forming a retrofit using the some of the wiring from the original F31 to electrically power the tailgate, the split opening rear window and the rear wiper blade as these are not options on a stock BMW M3 along with the panoramic glass roof. After all of this was completed and the car was now like any other BMW M3 that comes in to us, it was time to give it the ultimate look with a full carbon pack using the best aftermarket quality carbon in the UK. This BMW M3 was dripping with carbon including an M Performance style carbon fibre 3 piece front splitter, for the BMW M3, M Performance only offer the side skirt extensions in matte black which we thought wouldn't do it justice, we then fitted our own stocked carbon fibre side skirt extensions, the rear diffuser is also offered by M performance, however we decided to with the PSM style to give it a more aggressive look to complete the look of the rear end, this carbon set up comes with the rear diffuser and corner splitters, on the diffuser, the finns are slightly more defined over the M Performance, the rear splitters follow the rear bumper to the ends of the centre diffuser round to the rear of the wheel arches. The mirror covers again were replacement carbon fibre used from our own stock. The interior was also complete with all the options available in carbon fibre including all of the dash trims, steering wheel paddleshifts, carbon fibre seat back covers, gear knob and surround and the steering wheel trim. Once this car was completed we attended a few car meets where it would always be the centre of attention. This particular build was very special for the fact that the donor M3 used to build this car was a very high spec. This M3 came fully loaded with head up display, front and rear heated seats, idrive 6, 360 camera set up, carbon ceramic brake discs with the gold calipers, harman kardon logic 7 sound system, rear blinds, BMW ikon headlights, exterior all black detailing, extended leather dash to go with the competition seats, leather door cards, the list was endless but the time and effort was definitely well worth it for this F81 project.


Another one of our well known projects that became well known was the BMW M2, another one that had alot of time and money invested into it, we chose the LCI over the competition simply because of the engine and personal preference, However the M2C definitely had the looks with the new front bumper and of course this benefited the air intake with the updated design of the lower grills. For us another issue with the LCI was the M Sport interior which was another big let down for the LCI over the Competition. So we started by removing the LCI front bumper and replacing it with the M2C front bumper replacing all of the ducts and bumper supports behind to along with the front wheel arch covers to give it that more updated look on the front, we later then removed the bumper again to upgrade the headlights to the BMW M2 ikon headlights improving visibility and giving a completely updated look to the front end. Once this had been completed we then changed the wheels to the 788M so from an exterior point of view this car now had the look of an M2C as it already had retrofitted M wing mirrors to start with. The only downfall of the car now was the interior being an M car it we felt the M sport seats didn't really do it justice. This is what then made this particular car probably the most controversial M2 worldwide. We did consider upgrading the seats initially to the M2C interior but then later fitted a pair of Mclaren Senna carbon fibre fixed bucket seats weighing only a few kg each. We also removed the rear seats and fitted a custom built half roll cage based on the design of the BMW M4 GTS with a double X. The rails were also customised to make these seats fit as they were genuine seats. This car also had all of the M performance goodies including the M performance exhaust, all interior carbon trims including the gear knob and surround, door handles, pedals, LED alcantara race steering wheel, track camera with the BMW app, by now with the car having a track car look with the interior it just seemed like an unfinished project, so we decided to take it a step further by correcting the stance on it by fitting an adjustable coilover suspension kit and spacing the wheels slightly as factory cars mostly have the wheels more inside the arch than inline. The car was coming together by now and looked complete when we added our carbon pack to it including a front splitter, side skirt extensions, a 3 piece rear diffuser, carbon fibre wing vents, instead of fitting a carbon rear spoiler this car was obviously going to stand out by now and we did want to eventually take it on a track as the M2 is said to be one of the best handling cars on the track, up until this point we hadn't actually driven the car ourselves as of yet, we chose to fit a rear wing instead of a spoiler, our intention was for looks but when we did finally get a chance to take her on the road, we later realized the benefit of having a rear wing and the improvements it makes on handling, we fitted an M4 GTS style rear wing in carbon fibre which gave it a much more menacing look. These cars are standard around 370bhp which was the last downside of this car now against the M2C, we then paid a visit to Litchfield tuning who did a stage 1 remap only after a decat pipe was fitted on the front, Litchfield are a well known company that specialize in Nissan GTR's however do not underestimate their talent, we have had many cars tuned and remapped in the past before, the most important question when it comes to remapping an engine is reliability, we drove this car for a year without having a single fault, the remap was safe and the power delivery in every gear was perfect, from a stage 1 this car was now running 420bhp, however the car felt alot more powerful when it was next to cars that we know had 600+ bhp. The car had ECUtek map from Lichfield with 3 switchable maps, the sound was also improved with an adjustable tone from a remote app, these guys are highly recommended by us as we have had tuning done in the past from various other places and would say from experience it would be the safest bet to get a remap at Litchfield tuning for a BMW. We then later fitted a carbon M2 CS Style bonnet as this was the only thing left that on an M2 did not look right being an M car, this was another project that was well recognised at Unit 17 mainly because of the Senna seats but this was a true headturner on the road and track ready at the same time. When it comes to cars even the smallest modification can give a complete change of look, we have had the pleasure of people travelling into the UK from as far as Ireland, Scotland and even the Isle of Wight just to have us fit our products because of the recommendations online on forums and groups, we also ship carbon worldwide as we have a good reputation with many companies in the trade overseas. At Unit 17 UK, all of our team are family with the same interests and passion, we never finish a job until we are satisfied with it as we know how irritating it can be when you purchase something that doesn't fit correctly or there is something not right that you just have to put up with. Our detail to perfection, this is what makes us stand out from our competitors, every customer we deal with is dealt with the respect that we would like to think we would get if we was a potential customer no matter how small or big of an item or even just for advice, we started our business of with the intention of helping others in our free time, although it has become a full time job for us, our values remain the same as this is what we enjoy doing.


Fantastic bunch of guys . Talk you through all your options and take pride and care working on your vehicle

Richard Hill

Absolutely brilliant set of lads, very helpful, went out of their way to help me with a spoiler at super short notice whilst my boot lid was painted and also 100% the best quality parts.

Marc Bromley

Top quality parts and fitment. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

John Watts

Fantastic quality C63 amg rear bumper fins, perfect fit, fast post, top quality product. highly recommended

Lee Valleley

Big shout to the lads at UNIT17, can’t rate them high enough! Very professional, amazing quality products and very understanding about me having to re book my vehicle due to a technical issue and not loosing my deposit! Couldn’t be any happier with how the car looks now! Well done lads! Be seeing you again soon!! 

Scott Phillips

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